Sardinia, centre of the most famous Mediterranen routes, offers wide opportunities for amazing itineraries. Open the door to unexpected views and marvellous sea and land experiences, between nature and traditions.


Open the door to unexpected views and marvellous sea and land experiences, between nature and traditions.

Every itinerary will make your stay in Sardinia absolutely unforgettable.


The tiny Tavolara, measuring only 6 km, is an island off the Gulf of Olbia known for having once been the world’s smallest kingdom. Legend has it that in 1836 king Charles Albert of Sardinia granted Giuseppe Bertoleoni, who had relocated here from Genoa with his family to seek his fortune, the right to reign on the island, putting it down on a scroll that is now lost.

Tavolara boasts several wonderful beaches: Spalmatore, the largest of the island, Cala Tramontana and Cala del Passetto, with azure waters and white sand, and the wild Cala di Levante. Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo are part of a Marine Reserve of 15.000 hectares that stretches across 40 km of coast. Its posidonia meadows and coral formations attract snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci was once called Golfu du li Ranci, “crab’s gulf” in the local dialect, for the high shellfish population found on its stunning shores. Visit Sos Aranzo, a famous beach of soft white sand and shallow blue waters dotted with granite rocks.

If you like art, stop at the Underwater Art Museum MuMart, showcasing the work of fourteen contemporary artists at a depth of 3 to 7 meters. You can either snorkel solo or join a guided excursion on a semi-submarine that offers an exciting view of the exhibition.


Caprera is an island of the Maddalena Archipelago, an unspoiled corner of heaven, best enjoyed on a cozy luxury charter. Of all the stunning spots of this site Cala Coticchio makes the top of our list. Also known as “Tahiti”, this exotic strip of powder-white sand has incredibly transparent waters.

Trekking enthusiasts love to go up the many trails of Poggio Stefano, the mountain of pink granite that in World War II soldiers climbed to reach the military buildings sitting on its top. Another trail leads to the top of Monte Teialone, a great spot to look out at an absolutely stunning view.

Porto Rotondo

Spiaggia Ira is the third stop of your luxury charter in Sardinia. This famous destination with the little harbor, popular with celebrities, owes its name to Princess Ira Furstenberg who would walk to the local beach from her nearby villa. Porto Rotondo boasts an exciting nightlife.

Crowded spots are the trending Country Club disco and the bars al Tartarughino, al Paguro, and al Boccondivino.

Maddalena Archipelago

The Maddalena archipelago is a marine park of about 20.000 hectares that includes 60 islands and islets, boasting world-famous sights populated by lovely animals and plants. Sail to Spargi, Budelli and La Maddalena, where we recommend strolling across the small town’s centre and visiting Roccia della Strega

Porto Cervo

Treat yourself to a vast choice of amenities and dining options and enjoy a regenerating day before heading off to the town’s small historical center. The famous Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere boasts luxury shops and a maze of narrow alleys.

Soffi island

Soffi is an island not far from the Mortorio formation and the nesting place of the rare Audouin’s gull. Soffi is famous for its pools, a picturesque site characterized by transparent and shallow waters surrounded by rock walls.

Cala Luna

Cala Luna beach (Spiaggia di Cala Luna) is a crescent of beautiful white sand protected by steep cliffs that is well-known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

Cala Luna beach

Blessed with miles of sandy shores, Sardinia is an island that is home to man paradise beaches, and Cala Luna is undoubtedly amongst the best of the bunch. No luxury yacht charter vacation would be complete without a visit to Cala Luna, with its powdery sand and sun-drenched sea.

With a backdrop of dramatic limestone cliffs covered in lush green Mediterranean fauna, breathtakingly blue waters and alabaster sands, you could be forgiven for mistaking this serene spot for a Caribbean island. Cala Luna beach (Spiaggia di Cala Luna) is a remote stretch of sand found in the Gulf of Orosei, just south of Dorgali. Tucked away in a secret cove surrounded by rocky headlands, its remote location means that it is only accessible via a 4km hike from nearby Cala Fuili but the best way to get there is by sea.

The beach itself is a beautiful crescent of white sand, owing to its name ‘Moon Beach’, and the cliff faces that frame area protect it from the winds to offer a warm, sheltered spot to relax. The snow-topped peaks mountains of the Gulf of Gennargentu National Park provide a unique setting to enjoy a day on the beach, and there are plenty of nearby beauty spots that are also worth a visit.

With its small caves that are primed for adventure, this beach is perfect if you are chartering with children. The Blue Marino Caves with their ancient stalactites, stalagmites, and rock carvings are just 3 km away whilst the beaches of Biriola, Sisine, Mariolu, and Goloritzè in the Baunei territory each offer their own slice of Mediterranean paradise.

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