Greece, Croatia and Montenegro

The Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Croatia and Montenegro) is a beautiful region of the world to explore and cruise through its never-ending coast lines.

Greece, Croatia and Montenegro

Greece, Croatia and Montenegro are prime destinations to visit and enjoy.

From tasting its mouth-watering cuisine to exploring its ancient civilisations, these countries offer any activity you could ever wish for. The hundreds of islands dispersed along the coastline, the expansive beaches, the relics of ancient times such as bridges, statues and temples, no other place in the world is as deeply and densely packed with culture and personality.

Croatia and Montenegro

Charterin a superyacht and cruising in Croatia and Montenegro is Southeastern Europe at its very best. Discover medieval towns, breathtaking bays, stunning sea life and incredible natural landscapes. Your Croatia and Montenegro adventure starts here.

Experience some of Europe’s most exquisite seaside scenery as you make your way along the Adriatic coast by charter yacht. The region’s diverse landscapes and serene emerald waters are revered for their biodiversity. Rugged terrain with rocky plateaus gives way to lakes overlooked by towering limestone cliffs.

Sun-drenched vineyards and olive groves adorn the landscape that surrounds the medieval architecture and picturesque ochre rooftops of Dubrovnik. For charming ambience, nothing beats this ancient setting where cobbled streets weave their way through a maze of restaurants, museums, churches and bars.


Chartering a superyacht around Greece offers a veritable paradise of open skies and winding golden shores. The region’s vast and diverse marine ecosystem connects thousands of pristine islands in Greece, with each more beautiful than the last. Sail along the coastline then venture inland to the fabled warm embrace of Greek hospitality and cuisine.

Yachting in Greece means endless miles of turquoise coastline, scenic bays, pebbled beaches and serene coastal caves. The landscape in Greece is rugged, sun-kissed and strikingly beautiful. Of the 6,000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian seas, only a few hundred are inhabited.


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