The Caribbean is one of the most popular places for yacht chartering and a tropical gem like no other.


The archipelago is wide and varied, with each of its 7,000 islands bringing a singular mix of character and hidden gems.

Its reefs and cays offer diving and snorkeling opportunities for all ages and abilities. Its waters welcome you with open arms, swarming with majestic marine life that call this slice of paradise home.

Encompassing The Bahamas, with its famed Exumas, the Leeward and Windward islands, many of which have become sailing meccas, and the idyllic Virgin Islands, the Caribbean is a tropical gem like no other. Drop anchor at the first-class marina in St. Kitts, sail the striking Grenadines, and hike the sail the striking Grenadines, and hike the mighty Pitons on St Lucia.

Beaches lined with hundred-year-old palm trees, the aroma of delicious creole dishes and the unmistakable blue hue of the warm, clear waters is compounded by world-class service from your dedicated, professional crew, unrivalled access to secluded bays and the chance to island hop in utter comfort, wherever and whenever you choose.

The Caribbean is a divers’ and snorkelers’ paradise, offering dozens of captivating wrecks and vibrant reefs to explore, flourishing with colourful marine life Easterly trade winds and plenty of line-of-sight sailing make for pleasant traveling around and between the islands, and the best time to visit is widely thought to be from December to April.

The Caribbean is not only sand beaches with turquoise waters and coral reefs, but there is so much more to it than this. Each of its islands has its distinct personality and rich culture, deriving from an amalgamation of local traditions and colonial heritage.


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